Google, as the undisputed king of search engines, wields immense power with its frequent core algorithm updates.

These updates can either catapult your brand to the top or send it plummeting into obscurity.

In this comprehensive checklist guide, we'll show you how to:

  • Understand the Algorithm Update
  • Collect and Analyze Pre-Update Data
  • Monitor Post-Update Changes
  • Conduct Statistical Analysis
  • Adapt SEO Strategies and Priorities
  • Iteratively Test and Refine

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BONUS Search Engine Model Tasks

There's also a "Pro Task" section for those brands who are using search engine models, a newer SEO technology that many of the more competitive digital marketing teams are now using.

Market Brew, a team of search engineers from Carnegie Mellon University, and one of the leading providers of search engine modeling technology, has provided screenshots of search engine models from its SEO testing software and guided instructions on exactly what you should do in these "Pro Task" sections.

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Neil Patel, NY Times Best-Selling Author and Digital Marketing Guru